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Oct. 2, 2014

A meeting of the University Council was held on Thursday, October 2, 2014 at 3 p.m. at the Larrick Student Center.

Items for Action

Previous meeting minutes
The minutes of a meeting held September 3, 2014 were approved.

President's Report
President Rap noted the status on state budget changes and changing resources around the University. He thanked university leadership, the legislature and Governor's office for their help in dealing with budget changes. We do have resources in a few areas that will help buffer the reduction on the academic side for this year, but will have to consider how things will be handled in the future.

Dr. Rao also noted the strong engagement and candor during the discussion about Quest at the faculty senate meeting, held earlier in the week. Dr. Rao noted that John Wiencek would give a presentation on where we stand with Quest. The conversations taking place at faculty senate and with University Council will have some bearing on what we should and should not focus on, and make our priorities moving forward. We have four themes and each theme has a lot of information. Different circumstances around VCU and the world will help determine how we look at each theme, and its importance. The focus will continue to be on student success.

Finally, Dr. Rao noted his conversation with the department chairs about faculty compensation. We need to think about what we have and what we need to help with student success. As we talk about the resource issue, the campaign we are launching will be critical to the students we attract to the University and our success. It will take resources in order to make it happen.

For Review (Consent Items)

Policy Proposal on the Exposure and Breach of Information
Alex Henson was present to answer any questions regarding the policy. There weren't any questions on the floor.

Items For Information

Update on GPI
An update on the Great Place Initiative was presented by Maike Philipsen

Quest for Distinction
John Wiencek lead an interactive discussion with groups using Google Moderator. Each table worked together as a group to ask questions about Quest and its priorities.

Meeting was adjourned at 5 p.m.

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