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April 3, 2014

A meeting of the University Council was held on Thursday, April 3, 2014, at 3 p.m. at the University Student Commons Ballroom.

The following members and alternates were present:

Officers:  Michael Rao, Beverly Warren

Administration:  Cathleen Burke, James Coleman, Bill Decatur, Cecil Drain, James Frazier, Alex Henson, Marti Heil, Alex Henson, Pamela Lepley, Frank Macrina, Wanda Mitchell, Henry Rhone, Mark Rubin, David Sarrett, Juanita Sharpe (for Laura Moriarty), Delores Taylor (for Luke Schultheis), John Ulmschneider, Christine Walther-Thomas

Faculty:  Jay Albanese, Holly Alford, Bob Andrews, Denise Branch, Lisa Brown, Mary Creager, Stacey Dusing, Peter Kirkpatrick, Paula Kupstas, Allen Lee, June Nicholson, Fay Parpart, Brian Verrelli, Robley Wood, Blue Wooldridge, Ning Zhang

Classified staff:  Liz Beirne, Valerie Carter, Richard Fowlkes, Pam Mason, Eileen Truax, Felita Tucker-Battle

Post-doc students:  Bogna Ignatowska-Jankowska

Students:  Brendan Hood

Guests:  Anne Buckley, Wesley Chenault, Matt Conrad, Bill Cole, Jose Dula, Martha Lou Green, William King, Jodi Koste, Jeff Legg, Mary Loos, Mark Malkin, Napoleon Peeples, Sherry Sandkam (for Doug Boudinot), Joe Seipel, Brian Shaw, Matt Woolman, Jimmy (student reporter, Kent State)

Items For Action

  • Minutes of a meeting held March 6, 2014: Approved
  • President's Report: President Rao noted the attendance of Kent State University student media producing feature stories on Dr. Warren becoming president of Kent State. The General Assembly has not yet passed a budget for 2014-15 but there should be some closure relatively soon. Meanwhile, VCU needs to continue to build a budget based on a more focused Quest - our strategic plan. Our Quest budget priorities in the future will focus on items that are thematic around the success and growth of students and faculty.

    Good progress is being made in the search for a new provost. The credentials of the candidates are very impressive, thanks to the high bar Dr. Warren has set. Candidates will be brought to campus during the last two weeks of April and updates are available on the search committee website.

    Discussions on a proposed free-standing children's hospital continue to go well.

Items for Approval (Consent Items)

  • Bylaws
    • Proposal from the Committee on Faculty Affairs to Revise Article II and VII of the UC Bylaws: Approved
  • New Programs:
    • Proposal to Create a Dual Master's Degree Program between the VCU Department of Chemistry and the Fudan University Department of Chemistry: Approved
    • Proposal to Establish an Undergraduate Certificate in Venture Creation: Approved
  • University Policies
    • Blackboard System Usage Policy: Approved
    • Sponsorship, Advertising and Endorsement Policy: Approved

For Review (Consent Items)

  • Proposal from the Committee on Faculty Affairs to revise UC Bylaws: Bob Andrews

    Bob Andrews presented an overview of the revisions proposed to Article VIII of the UC Bylaws. The Bylaw change will clarify the purpose of the University Council with regard to academic affairs and university policies, and two voting staff members were added. The name of the Academic Affairs Subcommittee of UC will be changed to the Committee on Academic Affairs and University Policies.

  • New Programs
    • Proposal to establish a Post-Baccalaureate Undergraduate Certificate program in Advanced Media Production Technology: Joe Seipel and Matt Woolman

      Dr. Joe Seipel and Matt Woolman said the program is designed to connect graduates with employment opportunities in the expansive field of digital media production. Each student will be required to take four core courses that cover story development, video editorial and post-production, video production, and audio and music production. From there, each student selects a concentration in audio production, video production, or video post-production. Any student with a bachelor's degree can apply.

    • Proposal to reduce the number of credit hours in the Bachelor of Science in Clinical Radiation Sciences, School of Allied Health Professions from 130 to 120 credits: Cecil Drain and Jeffrey Legg

      Dr. Cecil Drain and Dr. Jeffrey Legg said the ratio of clinical clock hours to credit hours was altered to bring the program into compliance with VCU's definition of a credit hour as published in the 2013-2014 Bulletin. In light of the new tuition model this decrease in credit hours will lower the cost of attending the program for our students without affecting quality of education.

    • Proposal to move the administrative and academic home of the MS in Addiction Studies program (currently known as the International programme in Addiction Studies (IPAS)) from the Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies to the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology in the School of Medicine: Mary Loos

      Dr. Mary Loos said this move was necessitated by a change in the leadership and priorities of the Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies in July 2013. The department is an ideal fit because of its longstanding commitment to research and education related to drug addiction and addiction-related processes. The change will be effected with no change in personnel and at minimal cost.

    • Proposal to create a Division of Neuro-Oncology within the Department of Neurology at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine: Mark Malkin

      Dr. Mark Malkin said the goal is to create an interdisciplinary team of faculty and staff caregivers who will provide outstanding care to patients on campus and in the community through affiliates of Massey Cancer across Virginia; and to position the Commonwealth as a leader in cancer research and rapidly advance the ability to treat, cure and prevent cancer.

  • University Policies
    • University Archives Policy: John Ulmschneider and Jodi Koste

      John Ulmschneider said the purpose the University Archives policy is to establish a framework for a university archives program and to vest authority in the VCU Libraries to identify, retain, and preserve university records which must be held in perpetuity. The proposal is needed to ensure compliance with the Virginia Public Records Act, to safeguard the historical assets of the University, and to sanction a VCU archives program. Jodi Koste with University Libraries would be the official University Archivist.

    • Early Course Registration for Military-Related Students Policy: Martha Lou Green and Juanita Sharpe

      Dr. Martha Lou Green and Dr. Juanita Sharpe said the federal government wants to see more support for active-duty military and Coast Guard members. As a result, the state (through SCHEV, the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia) is requesting a board-approved VCU policy for providing reasonable accommodation for early course registration for veterans and members of the armed forces.

Items For Information

  • Richmond Bike Races in May 2014 and Campus Impact: Beverly Warren and John Wiencek

    Dr. John Wiencek discussed the impact the races will have on traffic around the university in May 2, 2014 and September 2015. The May 2 event will occur during the final examination schedule and will be a test run for the 2015 event which will be a week long. In expectation of travel delays, the May 2 exam date for Monroe Park Campus has been moved to April 30. Location and times will be the same. A website will offer suggested alternate routes on May 2 and answer questions. For Health Sciences Exams and Classes, students should check with their respective dean. The employee work day will be 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, and flex time arrangements should be discussed with the respective supervisors. It was suggested that individuals who will be coming to campus should arrive early and leave after 4:30 pm to avoid delays. After the May 2nd event, a task force will begin preparations for the September 2015 event.

  • Discussion of University Council Committee Structure and Potential Bylaws Revisions: Bob Andrews

    In an effort to better align University Council bylaws with how the council currently operates and to promote shared governance across the university, Bob Andrews discussed a proposal to create a Committee on Governance that would have oversight for promulgating principals of shared governance throughout the university. He also suggested that the standing committees of the University Council should be re-examined and determine how to best engage Faculty Senate, Staff Senate and the respective SGAs in the shared governance structure at VCU.

  • Strategic Discussion and Overview of the Roles of Assurance Services, Government Relations and University Relations: Bill Cole, Matt Conrad, Pam Lepley

    Bill Cole, Matt Conrad, Pam Lepley participated in a panel discussion on the roles Assurance Services, Government Relations and University Relations play in advancing Quest goals.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

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