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November 5, 2015

3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Monroe Park Campus, University Student Commons
Virginia Rooms


A meeting of the University Council was held on Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 3 p.m. at the University Student Commons.
The following members and alternates were present:
Cathleen Burke, Leila Christenbury, Matt Conrad, Alex Henson, Charles Klink, Wanda Mitchell, Luke Schultheis

Holly Alford, Kyungeh An, Nita Bryant, Ben Darter, Dave Dixon, Hani El-Kaderi, TyRuben Ellingson, David Fauri, Rachel Flurie, Josh Galligan, Chris Jackson, Leonard Jackson, Allen Lee, Katherine Mansfield, Nancy Morris, June Nicholson, Joan Pellegrini, Faye Prichard, Carmen Rodriguez Hernandez, Mary Secret, Wanye Slough, Patricia Sobczak, Fernando Tenjo-Fernandez, Brian Verrelli, Camden Whitehead, Wei Zhang

Classified Staff:
Valarie Carter, Christine Costello, Katherine Poarch, Felita Tucker-Battle

Postdoctoral Scholar:
Nathalie Houssin

Kejdi Abazi, MaryBeth DeMarco, Hyunjung Hwang, Paul Lee, Ryan Ortizo, Megan Peter, Malcolm Richardson

Katherine Bassard, Bill Cole, Alison Jones, Barry Lanneau Jr., Christina Lindholm, Jacqueline Kniska, James Mays, James McMillan, Jana McQuaid, Reuban Rodriguez, Susan Robb, Juanita Sharpe, John Venuti


President’s Report - On behalf of President Rao, Juanita Sharpe welcomed the University Council.
For Approval (Consent Item) - All items approved

  1. Minutes of a meeting held October 1, 2015: Juanita Sharpe - Approved
  2. Proposal to change the degree name from the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education to the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Arts, School of the Arts: Christina Lindholm - Approved
  3. Proposal to confer department status to the Political Science program, College of Humanities and Sciences:
    Alison Baski - Approved
  4. Proposal to confer department status to the Sociology Program, College of Humanities and Sciences: Alison Baski - Approved
  5. Proposal to create a new Doctor of Policy and Leadership Degree, Wilder School: Simon Okoth - Approved
  6. Policy Proposal on Research Data Ownership, Retention, Access and Security: Sue Robb - Approved
  7. Policy Proposal on the Honor System: Charles Klink - Approved

For Review  

  1. Proposal to create a Spin-off Program: Master of Decision Analytics: Jana McQuaid – Jana McQuaid presented and answered questions regarding a proposal to create a new degree program focus on decision analytics in the School of Business. According to Dr. McQuaid, the new degree program would positively impact the recruitment of national and international students and create a more focus program. 
  2. Proposal to merge the Department of Special Education and Disability Policy with the Department of Counselor Education to form the Department of Counseling and Special Education: James McMillan – James McMillan presented and answered questions regarding a proposal to merge two departments to efficiently administer programs and courses. According to Dr. McMillan, the merge would create a greater collaboration and allow for more research and external funding.
  3. Policy Proposal on Camera Use: John Venuti – John Venuti presented and answered questions regarding camera use at the university. According to Chief Venuti, the purpose of this new policy is to create guidelines and upgrades to cameras at VCU.
  4. Policy Proposal on Records Management: Barry Lanneau – Barry Lanneau, with VCU Technology Services, presented and answered questions regarding a policy proposal on records management proposal. The policy details standards and procedures of the records management program. According to Lanneau, this policy would be used for auditing and follow-up purposes.
  5. Policy Proposal on Awarding of Credit for Military Education: Luke Schultheis – Luke Schultheis presented and answered questions regarding a policy proposal on awarding credits for military education. According to Dr. Schultheis, this proposal expands the current policy, as requested by SCHEV.
  6. Policy Proposal on Employee-Student Consensual Relationship (Interim Policy): Madelyn Wessel – this policy proposal was moved to the December 3, 2015 meeting for review.
  7. Policy Proposal on Reporting Sponsor-Investigator Investigational New Drug Applications (IND) or Investigational Device Exemptions Executive Summary (IDE): Sue Robb – Sue Robb presented and was available for questions regarding a policy proposal to further support faculty members who hold IND or IDE. This program works with researchers at the beginning and throughout the investigative process to ensure the researchers are meeting FDA regulations.
  8. Fraud Identification and Reporting Requirements Policy: William Cole – William Cole presented and was available for questions regarding a proposal on fraud identification and reporting. According to Mr. Cole, this policy would formalize the fraud identification and reporting requirement practices already in place, and supports the university’s compliance with state and federal guidelines.

Meeting adjourned at 3:32.


Next Meeting
Thursday, December 3, 2015
3:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Medical Campus
VA BioTechnology Center
800 E. Leigh St.
Ball Conference Room

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