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September 3, 2015
3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Monroe Park Campus, University Student Commons
Virginia Rooms


A meeting of the University Council was held on Thursday, September 3, 2015 at 3 p.m. at the University Student Commons.

The following members and alternates were present:

Gail Hackett

Cathleen Burke, Leila Christenbury, Jean Giddens, Kevin Harris, Alex Henson, Charles Klink, Pam Lepley, Frank Macrina, Niraj Verma, John Ulmschneider

Holly Alford, Kyungeh An, Nita Bryant, Ross Collin, Carrie Connolly, Brendan Dwyer, Hani El-Kaderi, TyRuben Ellingson, David Fauri, Rachel Flurie, Joshua Galligan, Chris Jackson, Leonard Jackson, Melissa Jamerson, Allen Lee, Katherine Mansfield, Jessica Mittler, June Nicholson, Joan Pellegrini, Faye Prichard, Mary Secret, Wanye Slough, Patricia Sobczak, Scott Street, Fernando Tenjo-Fernandez, Brian Verrelli, Camden Whitehead, Wei Zhang

Classified Staff:
Delores Armstrong, Christine Costello, Florence Johnson, Eileen Truax, Felita Tucker-Battle

Postdoctoral Scholars:
Nathalie Houssin

Kejdi Abazi, MaryBeth DeMarco, Gaurav Gupta, Anny-Claude Joseph, Paul Lee, Ryan Ortizo, Megan Peter, Malcolm Richardson, Suraj Telhan, Rebecca Vareed, Keith Zirkle

Kevin Allison, Robert Andrews, Laurie J. Carter, Adam Crowe, Idella Glenn, Sybil Halloran, Alison Jones, Reuban Rodriguez, John Venuti

President’s Report - On behalf of President Rao, Provost Gail Hackett welcomed the University Council to the first meeting of the academic year.

For Approval (Consent Item) 

  1. Minutes of a meeting held May 7, 2015: Gail Hackett – Approved

For Information

  1. Richmond 2015 update: John Venuti – Police Chief John Venuti showed a PowerPoint presentation on updates from the UCI Road World Championships and mentioned the VCU Police Department will be operating with a fully staffed police force during the event. He updated the Council on communication alerts, street closures, restroom facilities, restorations, the location of fan zones, and more. Chief Venuti noted that the highest impact will be on Friday, September 25 to Sunday, September 27 and highly encouraged telecommuting for faculty and staff.
  2. Nominations – Presidential Medallions and the Edward A. Wayne Medal: Frank Macrina and Laurie Carter – Frank Macrina and Laurie Carter spoke to the Council about formalizing the process of Presidential Medallion and Wayne Medal nominations. An electronic nomination form can be found on the President’s Office website. Former members of the VCU community can be nominated.
  3. Membership caucuses: Juanita Sharpe – Juanita Sharpe led members of the Council to sign up for the following committees: Committee on Academic Affairs, Committee on Faculty Affairs, Committee on Student Affairs, Committee on Classified Staff Affairs.


Next Meeting
Thursday, October 1, 2015
3 to 5 p.m.
Medical Campus
VA BioTechnology Center, Ball Conference Room
800 E. Leigh Street

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